11.30-12.00 REGISTRATION

Research on growth factors in adipose tissue and on adipose-derived stem cells and its clinical relevance in plastic surgery

N. Pallua (Aachen, Germany)

New regulations in regenerative medicine: update 2016

S. Fiorentino  (Verona, Italy)

Adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for clinical use - culture expansion & their potential in fat grafting

S.F. Trojahn Kolle (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Implantation of Stromal Vascular Faction progenitors at bone fracture sites

I. Martin (Basel, Switzerland)

Stromal vascular fraction concentration in the fat: more light than shadows

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)

Growth factors, scaffolds and differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells

A. Orlandi (Rome, Italy)

Recent advances in the use of adipose-derived cells

J. Gimble (New Orleans, USA)


New strategies in regenerative facial rejuvenation: enzymatic digestion, mechanical separation, emulsification, nanofat, decellurized fat and their applications

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

Treatment of the facially disfigured by fat grafting

R. Mazzola (Milan, Italy)

Use of nanofat in aesthetic surgery

J. Planas (Barcelona, Spain)

Minimally invasive facelift and facial rejuvenation with volumetric lipofilling

J.M. Serra Renom (Barcelona, Spain)

Composite 3D facial rejuvenation

A. Sterodimas (Athens, Greece)

Facial fat grafting: comprehensive technique based on fat compartments and correlated surgical tools

A. Mojallal (Lyon, France)

Biofilling and biocontouring: the role of autologous milli, micro, nano and composite fat grafting

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

Full face approach standard-coleman based: from regenerative to cosmetic outcomes

F. Caviggioli (Milan, Italy)

Autologous stromal cell seeded Biopolimer Renevia® in AIDS-reletad facial lipoatrophy: interim results from a prospective randomized delayed control clinical trial

R. Llull (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)



Adipose derived stem cells for hair growth purpose

A. Trivisonno

Periorbital lipofilling technique and details of the fat grafting

D. De Fazio (Milan, Italy)

A preliminary study comparing nanograft plus PRP vs micrograft plus PRP for the correction of facial wrinkles

M Goisis

Cutting edge concepts in the use of stem cell and PRP injections in an office setting

J. Purita

Processing technique for autologous fat grafting: a comparative study between decantation, centrifugation and washing through the Lull pgm system

G. P. Morselli (Bologna, Italy)

PRP injection and lipofilling assisted hair transplantation on scalp affected by aplasia cutis congenita verticis: a case report

E. Montonati

Lipofilling and sectoral facelift: a system to enhance results

R. Garofalo

Tissue regeneration after oncological excision with a new dermal template

I. Bocchini

APBMNC treatment in long term irradiated skin complication

F. Orlandi

Fat graft calibration

S. Torres

Influence of adipose-derived extra-cellular fraction on skin repair

E. Migliano

The combined use of PRP and condrocytes in pinch nose deformity

P. Gentile (Rome, Italy)

Cytokine rich plasma

J. Cole (Atlanta, USA)



Fat grafting for the aesthetic treatment of severe breast asymmetry

G. Rigotti (Mantova, Italy)

Fat injections in severe breast deformities

P. Berrino (Genoa, Italy)

The combined use of platelet rich plasma and enriched stromal vascular fraction improves fat grafting maintenance in the breast soft tissue defects

P. Gentile (Rome, Italy)

Long-term follow-up of cadaveric breast augmentation: what can we learn?

A. Modarressi (Chatenay-Malabry, France)

Buttocks and lower extremity reshaping

D. De Fazio (Milan, Italy)

Breast surgery and fat grafting: my experience

M. Klinger (Milan, Italy)

Reproducible volume restoration and efficient long-term volume retention after point-of-care standardized cell-enhanced fat grafting in breast surgery

R. Llull (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)


10.45-11.15 COFFEE BREAK

Use of fat grafting as an ancillary treatment for external and internal aging female genitalia atrophy

N. Piccolo (Goiania, Brazil)

Fat graft of high risk female genital area: tips & tricks to optimize results and stay safe

M. Brambilla (Milano, Italy)

Tissue regeneration in genital lichen sclerosus with fat transplant and PRP: a bicompartmental approach

F. Casabona (Genoa, Italy)

Long term use of fat micrograft in genital reconstruction

Y. Jamal (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Treatment of vulvar dystrophies: ADSCs and not only

M.G. Onesti (Rome, Italy), S. Abraham (Paris, France)

News concepts about lipostructure: clinical, anatomical and histological outcome of the grafted fat for penile girth enhancement

S. H. Abraham (Paris, Italy)


13.10-14.00 LUNCH

Biologics and extracellular matrix in pursuit of follicular regeneration

J. Cole (Atlanta, USA)

Use of autologous factors for hair restoration and growth

T. Voukidis (Athens, Greece)

The effect of autologous platelet rich plasma injection on pattern hair loss: clinical and histomorphometric evaluation

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)

Targeting skin and hair with hemo-components: a 4 years experience

G. Schiavone (Rome, Italy)

A randomized, double-blind, placebo- and active-controlled, half-head study to evaluate the effects of platelet-rich plasma on alopecia areata

F. Rinaldi (Milan, Italy)


Mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblast and epidermal growth factor in the treatment of ulcers

N. Scuderi (Milan, Italy)

The use of autologous fat nano-graft in treatment of different joint diseases: regenerative center experience

S. Moshref (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Involvement of microRNAs in the characterization of mesenchymal differentiation and stemness potential of spheroids from adipose-derived stem cells (S-ASCs)

A. Cordova (Palermo, Italy)

From the embryo model to burn patients, angiogenic properties and clinical use of nano/micro-fat and the stromal vascular fraction

G.  Giudice (Bari, Italy)

Combined use of mesenchymal stem cells and epidermal growth factor in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

S. Baghaki (Istanbul, Turkey)

Combined therapy with PBMNC and dermal substitute: an innovative tool in tissue regeneration

B. De Angelis (Rome, Italy)

Lipogems graft and wound healing

C. Tremolada (Milan, Italy)

Fat grafting to heal chronic wounds and ulcers of the lower extremity

T. Stasch (Nairobi, Kenya)

Fat grafting as an ancillary treatment for burns and other wounds

N. Piccolo (Goiania, Brazil)



Efficacy and safety of gluteal augmentation with autologous fat grafting: a systematic review

C. M. Oranges

Burn scar regeneration with the ``SUFA`` (subcision and fat grafting) technique. A prospective clinical study

F. Gargano

The role of dermal substitutes in complex limbs wounds: our experience

F. Latini

The use of porcine dermis, polynuclotides-added hyaluronic acid and advanced medications in chronic ulcers: a comparative randomized trial

G. Marangi

Lipofilling and platelet rich plasma, hyaluronic acid and platelet rich plasma: new perspectives for scleroderma patients

R. Pirrello

The study of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on wounds of diabetic OLEFT rats using expression of MMP-2, MMP-9 mRNA

S. H. Lee

Naturally ADSC enriched fat-tissue grafting for skin disorders in 17 consecutive patients affected by sistemic scleroderma patients


The use of Rigenera technology in the treatment of post traumatic loss of the limbs

P.C. Parodi


10.45-11.15 COFFE BREAK

ERI medical device - technology which reads electric language of the body and reveals psychosomatisasion

E. Van Dijk

Regenerative peripheral nerve surgery

M. Colonna

Transplant of an autologous platelet gel prosthesis to fill the defect following tumorectomy

J.M. Serra Renom (Barcelona, Spain)

The use of PRP and SVF in lower extremity ulcers

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)

Home therapy with platelet growth factors

A. Araco

LipoLoop: a closed system for lipoharvest, fat transfer and mechanical dissociation of SVF

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

The use of nanograft technique for the correction of rippling and wrinkling after breast augmentation

M. Valeriani (Rome, Italy)

Soft tissue injuries - fat grafting and fat delivery in wound care

N. Piccolo (Goiania, Brazil)


13.10-14.00 LUNCH