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The Conference

Following the success of the first seven international conferences, we are pleased to announce the Eighth International Conference on Regenerative Surgery to be held in Rome December 2-3, 2016. In the last seven years since the first regenerative surgery meeting, the world has seen a rapidly growing interest in its potential, especially in the plastic surgery community… it’s an endeavor that encompasses many specialties – and efforts that are widely varied.

The conference gives a great opportunity to rally together our scientific partners in regenerative medicine to discuss plastic surgery therapeutic applications… so that we can build technologies and techniques for future therapies.

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The origin of the international term “Regenerative Surgery” may be dated back to 2 November 2004, when the American federal government approved the resolution number 71 – a two billion dollars fund, to be delivered in ten years, in favour of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.
Ever since, for about three years, the meaning of the term Regenerative Medicine was largely debated.

Today, everyone agrees on considering Regenerative Medicine and Surgery to be an interdisciplinary field of researches and clinic applications mainly focused on trying to repair, replace and/or regenerate cells, tissues and/or organs in order to restore functions that were lost for a number of reasons – congenital defects, disease, damage and age among others.

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