11.30-12.00 REGISTRATION

European rules in the use of ASC, SVF, platelet-rich plasma and biomaterial in regenerative plastic surgery: update 2017

S. Fiorentino (Verona, Italy)

Regulatory aspects of cell based products: pharmaceuticals or cell-tissue transplants

C. Pintus (Rome, Italy)

A new approach to non-surgical rhinoplasty: regeneration of the aging nose and primary rhinoplasty with structural fat

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

Selecting fat lobules size by harvesting cannula, is it possible to perform rhino filler fat graft? What is the result?

A. Trivisonno (Rome, Italy)

Rhinoplasty combined with midfacial fat grafting: global approach towards facial harmony

S. Baghaki (Istanbul, Turkey)

Reconstruction of alar nasal cartilage defects using a tissue engineering technique based on a combined use of autologous chondrocyte micrografts and platelet-rich plasma: preliminary clinical and instrumental evaluation.

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)


Recent advances in the use of adipose-derived cells in regenerative plastic surgery

T. Frazier (New Orleans, USA)

Fat-derived cells for bone regeneration

I. Martin (Basel, Switzerland)

Proliferation and differentiation of human adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction cells: biomolecular pathway

A. Orlandi (Rome, Italy)

ASC therapy for oncologic reconstruction: an update

E. Chiu (New York, USA)

Research on growth factors in adipose-derived stem cells and its clinical relevance in plastic surgery.

N. Pallua (Aachen, Germany)


16.10-16.30 COFFEE BREAK

Biofilling of the face and hands-a simple protocol

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

The clinical use of nanofat in aesthetic plastic surgery

J. Planas (Barcelona, Spain)

Mid-face and full-face rejuvenation: personal experience and evaluation of hybrid procedure

G. Botti (Salò, Italy)

Ultrananofat for periorbital rejuvenation

J. M. Serra Renom (Barcelona, Spain)

Facial rejuvenation: enzymatic digestion and mechanical separation in comparison

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)

Nanofat clinical applications. Jack of all trades, master of?

G. Giudice (Bari, Italy)

Mechanical isolation of ASC and personal experience of facial stem cell enriched fat transfers.

T. Tiryaki (Istanbul, Turkey)

The tear trough deformity – a graded approach

M. Pascali (Rome, Italy)

Treatment of anterior neck aging without a submental approach: lateral skin-platysma displacement, a new and proven technique for platysma bands and skin laxity

M. Pelle Ceravolo (Rome, Italy)

Composite 3D facial rejuvenation with stem cells enriched fat graft

A. Sterodimas (Athens, Greece)

Fill and lift in mid-face rejuvenation.

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)

PRP preparation, quality controls: mixture with micro fat in the scleroderma

G. Magalon (Marseilles, France)


11.00-11.15 COFFEE BREAK

Fat transportation to the gluteal region – making a dangerous operation a safe one

D. Del Vecchio (Boston, USA)

Fat injection in primary and secondary breast augmentations

P. Berrino (Genoa, Italy)

The combined use of enhanced stromal vascular fraction and platelet-rich plasma improves fat grafting maintenance in breast soft tissue defects

P. Gentile (Rome, Italy)

Changes in viscoelastic cutaneous properties following subcutaneous fat grafting: implications in breast reconstruction

R. Llull (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Fat grafting in breast surgery

M. Klinger (Milan, Italy)

Small implant breast augmentation – a new paradigm in composite breast surgery

D. Del Vecchio (Boston, USA)

Fat injection on the breast: where and when it is suggested

D. De Fazio (Milan, Italy)

How to change size & shape of the breast with minimal invasive surgery

G. Rigotti (Verona, Italy)

Lipo-Loop a closed delivery system for large volume fat grafting and mechanical dissociation of SVF

S. Cohen (San Diego, USA)


13.10-14.00 LUNCH

PRP and FUE in hair loss: hybrid or not?

J. Cole (Atlanta, USA)

Use of autologous factors for hair loss treatment

T. Voukidis (Athens, Greece)

The effect of controlled and mechanical infiltration of autologous human hair follicle stem cells versus platelet rich plasma in androgenetic alopecia: clinical and histomorphometric evaluation

P. Gentile (Rome, Italy)

The role of autologous adipose derived tissue and PRP in treating different hair loss conditions

G. Kuka-Epstein (Miami, USA)

The ionophoresis application of platelet-rich plasma on alopecia areata

F. Rinaldi (Milan, Italy)

Randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind, half-head study to assess the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma on the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

R. Alves (Barcelona, Spain)

Outcome of intra-operative injected platelet-rich plasma therapy during follicular unit extraction hair transplant: a prospective randomised study in forty patients.

S. Garg (Chandigarh, India)

The use of fat grafting and stromal vascular fraction cells in patients affected by hair loss

K. Andjelkov (Belgrade, Serbia)


Regenerative approach to velopharyngeal incompetence with fat grafting.

R. Mazzola (Milan, Italy)

Genital fat grafting: personal experience

M. Brambilla (Milan, Italy)

Treatment of lichen deformities in male patients with lipofilling and PRP: the impact on quality of life

F. Casabona (Genoa, Italy)

Regenerative fat micrograft in pediatric surgical problems

Y. Jamal (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

A preliminary study on the use of PB-MNCs injection to treat vulvar dystrophy

M. G. Onesti (Rome, Italy)

Vaginal canal and vulvar atrophy regeneration with fat grafting

N. Piccolo (Goiana, Brasil)


16.40-17.00 COFFEE BREAK

State of the art in scar & wound care

N. Scuderi (Rome, Italy)

Regenerative surgery is a turning point in surgical practice

S. Moshref (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Homeopathy and scar treatment: alternative medicine or luxury placebo?

M. G. Onesti (Rome, Italy)

The role of Regenerative Plastic Surgery in upper and lower extremity defects: reconstruction of soft tissues, bone and peripheral nerves with cells, growth factors and microsurgery

S. Baghaki (Istanbul, Turkey)

Comparison of two different bilayer dermal substitute in tissue regeneration: histological finding in treated patients

B. De Angelis (Rome, Italy)

Fat grafting in scar and pain treatment

F. Caviggioli (Milan, Italy)

Obliteration and treatment of decubitus ulcers and other cavities with fat grafting

N. Piccolo (Goiana, Brazil)

Evolution of fat graft: twenty years he send me this response for the video

G. Magalon (Marseille, France)