The origin of the international term “Regenerative Surgery” may be dated back to 2 November 2004, when the American federal government approved the resolution number 71 – a two billion dollars fund, to be delivered in ten years, in favour of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

Ever since, for about three years, the meaning of the term Regenerative Medicine was largely debated.

Today, everyone agrees on considering Regenerative Medicine and Surgery to be an interdisciplinary field of researches and clinic applications mainly focused on trying to repair, replace and/or regenerate cells, tissues and/or organs in order to restore functions that were lost for a number of reasons – congenital defects, disease, damage and age among others.

Format of the Conference

All conferences not only contribute to increase new understandings about a research field, they also establish links among experts and, as a result, consolidate scientific cooperation and exchange among different institutions.
This is even more so about the Regenerative Surgery Conference, where the topics addressed are an emerging and evolving scientific area. I am sure that in the following years, as statistics forecast, regenerative surgery will revolutionize medicine and surgery, providing solutions to pathologies with chronic and invalidating course that are now incurable.

The Conference will be divided into themed sessions in the form of lectures, delivered by the most influential national and international experts who will try to evaluate the current situation of research and its clinical applications.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Rome.

Honorary President
Prof. C. U. Casciani